Apprenticeships To Get Into Your Desired Career Fast

In an economy that is as competitive as is ours today, job seekers must think out of the box. Those times where people finished school and got into their career field right away sure are a long time back.

Apprenticeship can be a great way to get into your dream career fast without the tedious search for a position that can well take many months.

What are the advantages of apprenticeships in the United Kingdom?

Many fresh graduates seeking a job today complain (rightfully, I want to add) that employers are often rejecting them due to a lack of experience.

Obviously, this is a paradox situation given that a graduate by definition cannot have working experience.

One may argue now that those employers are unfair and those who share that opinion may not even be wrong if they think so.

However, with an apprenticeship you can tackle this problem in a very smart way.

First, the employer may well be tempted to hire an apprentice since their pay is normally not as high as compared to a full-time position. For the employer who is looking for a reliable staff member, having someone taking an apprenticeship is also a good way to get an idea about their commitment and performance.

For the apprentice, the apprenticeship is a fantastic way to obtain working experience and additional qualifications. If we take the example of IT apprenticeships, this is also your opportunity to get an A+ or networking certification.

In the IT field but also in other careers, the vast majority of apprentices are getting hired once their apprenticeship commences. This means that more than 90% of apprentices, once their 12 or 18 months are over, know they will have a job so it’s pretty much a guarantee for full-time employment.