Work, Fun and Fitness

I don’t know about you, but for me it is very important that I can de-stress and relax, especially after a long and stressful week.  Just sitting back and watching TV on the other hand is not my idea of how I can get back some of the energy I feel I lost. I am one of those guys who needs to do something, like walking or pursuing a hobby that can me help relax.

This is when I got interested to check into fitness studios and how they can help me with “actively” relaxing. Fortunately, some of the gyms here in East London offer courses like Yoga, martial arts or Pilates. Yoga isn’t really “my thang” and neither is Pilates, so I signed up for a Judo class at a gym here in Hackney.

I have to say that it wasn’t exactly easy to find a good gym in Hackney where they also had Judo classes, it took me a while until I found a gym I liked here in my area.

How about you? What do you do when you want to de-stress and want to keep your mind of things in your free time? Do you like to simply relax or are you like me and want something more exciting?

How Export Software Helped Me With My Business

Life can sometimes get quite hectic and stressful if you’re a business owner. I know because I experienced this first hand! My business started out as a small one but I quickly found myself overwhelmed once I got more orders than I was able to satisfy in a reasonable time.

small-business-export-softwareAs you can imagine, for a retail or online business owner, nothing is more important than being able to fulfill your customer’s requests and orders as fast possible.

Any delay, any hold-up can quickly bite you in the behind and seriously damage your business’ reputation: Of course, if customers won’t get their merchandise reasonably fast they will simple go to the competition instead rather than putting up with delays!

This is especially a problem when you deal with international customers since no-one like to wait, no matter whether they’re half a world away!

I was fortunate enough that Jerry told me about how export software helped him with his sports merchandise business. He showed me the numbers and most importantly how the software also helped him to dramatically cut shipping costs. (If you know about international shipping you will understand!). So I got myself the same export software package as Jerry used and can’t be happier. I could finally fulfill my orders a lot quicker – delays and hold-ups, especially at customs due to missing papers and documents are now a thing of the past too!

If you have a business where you deal with shipping, especially internationally, I highly recommend that you look into export software. It can be a life-saver no matter how big your company is. The benefits can be dramatic especially if your company is  small!

London’s Most Popular Singing Waiters

singing waiters – London

The Singing Waiters are without question one of the U.K.’s most popular surprise entertainers of today. They can be booked for all types of events from wedding receptions and birthday parties to corporate events.

What makes the secret singer’s singing waiters stand out from many other surprise entertainers is their talent! Each singer and every performer from The Singing Waiters comes from one of the United Kingdom’s renowned music schools and theatres.

This means that the singing waiters can do high-class musical surprise entertainment not only for your average wedding reception or party. Because of their professional training they are also a great choice if you’re looking for truly outstanding musical entertainment for classy events of all sorts.

Along with their highly popular singing waiters surprise performances, the singing waiters can also be booked for musical entertainment if you need performers for any type of event. Flash mobs are another speciality of the singing waiters but they can also perform with their band if you need any other type of musical entertainment.

Apprenticeships To Get Into Your Desired Career Fast

In an economy that is as competitive as is ours today, job seekers must think out of the box. Those times where people finished school and got into their career field right away sure are a long time back.

Apprenticeship can be a great way to get into your dream career fast without the tedious search for a position that can well take many months.

What are the advantages of apprenticeships in the United Kingdom?

Many fresh graduates seeking a job today complain (rightfully, I want to add) that employers are often rejecting them due to a lack of experience.

Obviously, this is a paradox situation given that a graduate by definition cannot have working experience.

One may argue now that those employers are unfair and those who share that opinion may not even be wrong if they think so.

However, with an apprenticeship you can tackle this problem in a very smart way.

First, the employer may well be tempted to hire an apprentice since their pay is normally not as high as compared to a full-time position. For the employer who is looking for a reliable staff member, having someone taking an apprenticeship is also a good way to get an idea about their commitment and performance.

For the apprentice, the apprenticeship is a fantastic way to obtain working experience and additional qualifications. If we take the example of IT apprenticeships, this is also your opportunity to get an A+ or networking certification.

In the IT field but also in other careers, the vast majority of apprentices are getting hired once their apprenticeship commences. This means that more than 90% of apprentices, once their 12 or 18 months are over, know they will have a job so it’s pretty much a guarantee for full-time employment.

Why Private Schools

We had a rather lengthy conversation last week with Dinah and Mike. It was about schooling for the children. It is our stance that in many cases, private schools are the much better alternative as compared to public schooling in the UK.

It was not really easy to convince the both. Here is an article at where they present evidence that pupils in private and independent schools in the UK are by and large getting better employment and pay later on.

According to their research, pupils in private schools are normally ending up with better grades and are also able to visit the better universities leading to well paying jobs.

But we told Dinah and Mike that this is of course not our only criterion why we think private schools are a lot better.

Yes, proper education is extremely important but so are other activities for the children when they grow up. In our family, sports has a big priority. It is not only something which benefits our children’s health, participating in team sports is also one important way to help children grow up responsible. With public schools in the UK this doesn’t always have such a high priority.

We want to be sure that our children get the best education but also want to know that the children are taken care off in the best way in their free time. For any working parent this can often be very difficult. Private schools can be a great help there where parents are occupied by their jobs, finding they cannot dedicate as much time to their children as they should.

One other point we brought up was that we’re not too happy with the average class sizes in public schools today. When our children went to public school here in Birmingham, on occasion classes had been as large as 40 pupils. Teachers seemed overwhelmed at times.

We started to send our children to Hertfordshire’s Kingshottschool and are happy to see that classes there are a lot smaller and teachers a lot more dedicated to their pupils.

In the UK you can fortunately find many good local schools in your region with excellent facilities. For those parents in the UK, private schools Hertfordshire or any of the other excellent private school should be a priority.