My Advice If You Love Horse Racing

Horse RacingI am really enjoying the fact that my friends love horseracing as much as I do.

There is almost no weekend where my buddies and me don’t visit one of the three great horse racetracks here in our area like the Kempton Racetrack.

We do that for almost five years now and I have to admit that it’s mostly just fun and entertainment for us, not so much going to the races like some “professionals” do when a bring home winnings after winnings. The point is simply that working systems for horse races are not exactly easy to come by.

However, this changed last summer when Andrew came across the horse racing pro website when he was searching racing strategies on the Internet. We can without question say that the tips we got from the horse racing pro are probably the best we have come across some far. Yes we don’t win each and any time we go to the races but our winnings have definitely increased big time as compared to before we knew about those tips.

So, if you will laugh the races as much as we do and would like to win once in awhile I’d say you should definitely check out the horseracing pro’s racing strategies. You don’t need to be scared about paying or signing up with a system where you don’t know what it will work for you are not because you can also get free horse racing tips from the horse racing pro to try them out.

The Galway Arts Festival

Dragons and other mythical creatures will roam the streets in Galway again. The Galway International Arts Festival is always good for a surprise. Without a question, this is a festival where you should prepare to always meet the unexpected.

If you roam the streets at night, don’t be surprised to meet a dragon around the one or the other corner.

But this festival offers even more than just dragons: You can enjoy lots of art, music, spectacle and talks too!

The festival also offers a variety of new Irish plays such as the Infants in Evil by the Druid company.

If you want to have an amazing experience and don’t mind a dragon or a bunch, check out The Galway International Arts Festival this summer!

Why Private Schools

We had a rather lengthy conversation last week with Dinah and Mike. It was about schooling for the children. It is our stance that in many cases, private schools are the much better alternative as compared to public schooling in the UK.

It was not really easy to convince the both. Here is an article at where they present evidence that pupils in private and independent schools in the UK are by and large getting better employment and pay later on.

According to their research, pupils in private schools are normally ending up with better grades and are also able to visit the better universities leading to well paying jobs.

But we told Dinah and Mike that this is of course not our only criterion why we think private schools are a lot better.

Yes, proper education is extremely important but so are other activities for the children when they grow up. In our family, sports has a big priority. It is not only something which benefits our children’s health, participating in team sports is also one important way to help children grow up responsible. With public schools in the UK this doesn’t always have such a high priority.

We want to be sure that our children get the best education but also want to know that the children are taken care off in the best way in their free time. For any working parent this can often be very difficult. Private schools can be a great help there where parents are occupied by their jobs, finding they cannot dedicate as much time to their children as they should.

One other point we brought up was that we’re not too happy with the average class sizes in public schools today. When our children went to public school here in Birmingham, on occasion classes had been as large as 40 pupils. Teachers seemed overwhelmed at times.

We started to send our children to Hertfordshire’s Kingshottschool and are happy to see that classes there are a lot smaller and teachers a lot more dedicated to their pupils.

In the UK you can fortunately find many good local schools in your region with excellent facilities. For those parents in the UK, private schools Hertfordshire or any of the other excellent private school should be a priority.